Lifespan of a LCD TV

FI-LCD-420Even if we buy a product worth a penny or two we often ponder about its lifespan. So while purchasing a consumer durable product as expensive as a television, the lifespan of the product ought to influence our decision.

LCD TV sales are now seeing a sharp increase and expected to increase even further in the near future.  A lot can be attributed to its lifespan along with its quality of picture.

Under controlled conditions (in a room with standard lighting conditions and 77° temperature throughout) LCD TVs last up to 80000 hours according to some manufacturers. But such conditions are a rarity in a house. Thus the lifespan comes down to 50000 to 60000 hours. That means if you keep your LCD TV on 24/7 it will last up to six years. This lifespan is way ahead of the standard plasma television which is around 25000 to 30000 hours.

One thing that needs a mention while discussing about the life of a LCD TV is that it lasts as long as its light sources. The more the backlight of a LCD TV can work the more the life of the TV. Thus the images on the TV dim when the bulb itself dims.

The quality of the light source is a critical consideration while purchasing your LCD TV. It’s also important for maintaining a proper white balance on the TV. Prefer shelling out on LCD TVs of a good brand as the backlighting would generally be of a good standard. Set the CONTRAST feature on your LCD TV appropriately as high levels of the same means the backlights have to work harder and thus life decreases. Moreover, some backlighting bulbs can be replaced and some cannot. Doing some research on the backlighting would be essential before you buy your LCD TV. If the bulbs could be replaced the LCD TV can last up to years to come.