LCD vs Plasma televisions

Pro Plasma

  • Response time on Plasma television are often quicker than LCD but over the years LCD’s screen have certainly started to catch up
  • Viewing angles of plasma screen are often greater as they can be viewed upto 180 Degree and still retain the quality
  • True black, with plasma tv’s this is often better than LCD screen as the black on LCD is often grey at best
  • Larger sizes, can be produced.

LCD Pro’s

  • Life time of and LCD screen can be upto twice as long as a plasma.
  • Reduced screen burn in, where images and channel logos can often get burnt into the plasmas television screens
  • Slimness, since LCD do not require the xenon and neon gases the LCD can often be slimmer than plasmas
  • Power, LCD in general will use far less power than a plasma screen
  • Brightness, LCD screens can often deliver better brightness, but this often is the case to help hide the fact of the reduced contrast
  • Sharper picture can be provided from LCD, but some people prefer the smoothness of the plasma

Both types of television screen can be easily mounted on walls, with the aid of VESA mounts and most televisions come reinstalled with freeview receivers to help with the digital switch over