Go Green with Television Technology

philips-eco-tvThe Green Revolution has now become more prominent than ever. Green technology has now become a buzzword across the electronic industry. Such urgent considerations of energy consumption have led to invention of few smart technologies and designs in the television industry.

One such example is Phillips 42PFL5603D or the Eco TV. It has a unique power saver mode where the television uses a trio of sensors to optimize the intensity of the LCD’s backlight. The Eco TV detects the brightness and darkness of the room and adjusts how much light it uses to illuminate the picture. The brighter the room harder the backlight works. The Eco TV also has a sensor that constantly adjusts for the brightness of the scene being played on the TV. If the scene takes place at night the backlight dims to save the energy.

Another TV technology called Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) is more energy efficient. It lights the large TV screen with by individual molecules that light each pixel on the screen.

Such eco friendly inventions happen time and again. What we customers need to be aware of is our simple choices and actions can make a huge difference to save the blue planet.