Maintain Your LCD Television

maintain-lcdLCD TVs in general have a long life. Its proper maintenance will ensure excellent functioning of the TV throughout its lifespan. Take some time out and clean the instrument regularly. Following are the tips on maintaining your LCD Television-

  • Place your LCD TV in a clean and dry environment. Always try to avoid moisture and dust.
  • The temperature of the room having TV should be normal, neither too high nor too low. Drastic temperature changes can change the contrast ratio, refresh rate, and other features of your LCD TV.
  • Clean the TV with a slightly damp soft cloth, clean microfiber cloth or special screening wipes. Make sure to unplug all the wires to avoid electrocution or a short circuit. Do not press down heavily. Gently remove the dirt from the screen. Repeat the cleaning process after every 2-3 days so that the TV stays away from the air pollutants and looks clean and new.
  • When the lights on the TV fade, use a branded fluorescent bulb to replace it.
  • Check the contrast ratio of your TV. Get it to the optimum level. Higher contrast ratios need more light and thus the life of the bulb might reduce.
  • Do not twist or stretch the wires of your LCD Television.
  • Keep all the sharp objects away from the screen to avoid scratches.
  • Turn off the TV when it is not being used.
  • Do not pause at an image for a longer time as it negatively affects the screen.

Along with the above maintenance tips it is essential to be cautious regarding few acts which can cause direct harm to the television. The don’ts of your LCD TV maintenance are as follows-

  • Do not use alcohol or abrasive material like paper towel to clean your screen as it may affect the screen coating or bezel paint.  
  • Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.
  • Do not expose TV to volatile gas or fluid such as pesticide.
  • Do not put the TV in contact of vinyl or rubber products for a longer period of time.