Installation of plasma TV – a step by step guide

install of a plasmaPlasma television is the latest in entertainment systems. It offers much better clarity and flow compared to LCD televisions or CRT televisions. And they are extremely thin too. This opens up a lot of options in mounting it.

Installation of plasma TV is not exactly a cake walk. It needs some skill and common sense. In most cases it is best to get professional help for installation of your plasma TV. But if you are good at handling drills and a spirit level, you should be fine.

If you are doing it on your own, the first thing that you must consider is the positioning. Where do you want to place your plasma TV? Is the location accessible to electrical wiring? Is there reflection of sunlight on the screen? Is there a possibility of rain water falling on the equipment? All of these are preliminary considerations.

Then you can also think of things like wall mounting or table mounting. If wall mounted, what sort of bracket do you want? Do you prefer a single viewing angle or do you want to be able to change it as and when you please? And then, if it is a bedroom, would you prefer ceiling mounting of your plasma TV? Based on all these requirements you must choose your mounting brackets.

Then we get to the actual process of installation. You need wire, drill, spirit level, hammer, nails, and lot more hardware. And you will surely need one more set of hands to help you out. There is a lot of heavy lifting to do and it is unsafe to do it alone, even if you are Mike Tyson, you might end up damaging the television if you don’t take care. The plasma TV’s are really heavy, they can weigh in at almost 100 pounds, much more than an LCD TV.

So once you have all that covered, you are set to install your plasma TV. But if you really want to just sit down and watch a game with a bowl of fries, then its best you just leave it to the professionals. They will install your plasma TV for you with no added headaches.